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Turiyatree integrates the essence of Turiya, a concept from hindu philosophy, with the symbolism of a blossoming tree. our approach involves incorporating these principles into engineering digital solutions and implementing data-driven strategies to foster our customers’ business growth.

Digital solutions

Committed to delivering transformative business solutions and services, we guide our customers on a journey towards growth and excellence. Turiyatree represents our dedication to merging timeless wisdom with modern technology, ensuring a seamless integration of clarity and digital solutions.


“Unlock success with Turiyatree—where smart solutions meet digital innovation and data-driven strategies for business transformation.”


“Cultivating a culture of leadership, innovation, and unwavering excellence, where each team member contributes to shaping a future marked by business success through digital empowerment.”

Shanmugha Raja B (Raj)

Business Leader

Raj has successfully built and led teams, spearheaded marketing strategies, and anchored go-to-market executions, showcasing a proven track record of business growth and strategic leadership.

Lakshminarayan R (Lakshmi)

Tech Leader

Lakshmi is a seasoned tech enthusiast who channels his passion for innovation into crafting novel solutions for complex challenges. With a rich and varied professional journey, he possesses a deep reservoir of technological acumen and is highly regarded for his accomplishments.

Career Growth and Learning Opportunities

We offer internship with a paid stipend and a guarantee of absorption into our company's payroll upon successful completion. Throughout the internship, individuals have the chance to contribute to ongoing projects, gaining practical experience.
Our mentoring program provides interns with the opportunity to explore and develop skills in their areas of interest. Assigned to project environments, they collaborate with experienced professionals, receiving on-the-job training to solve real business challenges using technology. We support them, fostering confidence and morale, guiding them through challenges, and encouraging independent problem-solving for impactful outcomes.
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